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Specialty Items

Breads, Oils, Olives, Cheeses, Honey, and Cider

In addition to our plants and produce, Scott's offers specialty food items in the summer and fall months.

  • Albert's Bakery: Deep River, CT. Freshly baked bread delivered every morning

  • Ariston Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, Glazes, and Olives: Bloomfield, CT. Refillable bottles! Extra virgin olive oils, herb- and fruit-infused oils, and white and red balsamic vinegars are wonderful for dipping or cooking. A variety of olives complete a perfect cheese plate!

  • Liuzzi Cheese: North Haven, CT. Locally made burrata, ciliegine, and ovoline mozzarella cheeses

  • Vermont extra sharp cheddar cheese: a local favorite!

  • Connecticut Honey: Made by local apiaries and available in a variety of sizes. Also great for seasonal allergy sufferers

  • Scott's Orchard and Nursery Apple Cider: Pressed from sound, ripe apples and made with no preservatives

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